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Cleaner Nidd, Fit for Life

Nidd Action Group

Our Aims
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We await the decision by DEFRA to award The Lido at Knaresborough with its ‘Designated Safe bathing Water Status’ Decision due by the end of April.
Some celebrations will be called for, but then the long slog to get actual improvements to our lovely Nidd

Our Aims

A Cleaner Nidd, Fit for Life

Make rivers safe for all.
Rivers should be safe for everyone - from invertebrates (which are a vital part of the food chain) to fish, birds, animals and people.
Stop sewage pollution.
End the illegal release of untreated sewage into the River Nidd
Raise the bar.
Improve standards, so legally discharged waste doesn't harm the River Nidd

Where are we at

'A summary of NAG's 2023' Read the Stray Ferret article here

With NAG’s support:
  • A bid has been submitted for Designated Bathing Water Status for The Lido. Read more here and here

  • Water Quality surveys involving NAG citizen scientists and a post graduate student of The University of Leeds have been completed Read more here

  • Yorkshire Water have proposed investment in sewage treatment and the sewerage network in their business plan for 2025-2030 Read more here and here.

  • A document from January 2024 summarises very briefly what NAG did in 2023, with links to two maps showing the results of our sampling in terms of human health and chemical pollution at the 45 locations sampled. View it here. The document also identifies what we don't yet know and therefore what we need to do to fill in those gaps in our knowledge during 2024 and beyond, building on what we have discovered during our 2023 surveys Detailed specific plans based on this analysis will develop over the next few months

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Recent News

Date 16th April 2024
Date 16th April 2024
Date 16th April 2024
Date: 31 March 2024
Date: 28 March 2024
Date: 18 February 2024

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